What Is Your Sexual Fantasy?

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What Is Your Sexual Fantasy?

Post by sexualfantasydoctor on Mon May 01, 2017 2:58 pm

Comment your sexual fantasy below.


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Is this normal?

Post by kitty booboo on Mon May 01, 2017 3:06 pm

I have fantasized about being in a room laying on a large pillow naked, and surrounded by a bunch of naked, big breasted harem women. The pleasure me, pamper me, and talk erotically to me. Sometimes, they might tie me up and tickle me.

kitty booboo

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Why I am I thinking this?

Post by yin-yang on Wed May 03, 2017 2:09 pm

I have a girlfriend that I love and I usually only fantasize about her but lately I've had this disturbing fantasy and I don't know why.A ghost. Yes, a sexy, sensual female ghost. Let me explain why.

First, it plays into a number of my fetishes. I enjoy being submissive, A LOT. Being that this is a ghost I have little control by nature. I've never done it before, but aside from the obvious sexual desire I crave the passion that one would experience when making love to someone they loved. A ghost just seems like it would be the ultimate mind trip and be immensely passionate. Lastly, I would picture it being a little rough. I like pain and it's grown on me a bit, so pain wouldn't turn me off, though it still doesn't turn me on either. But at least it feels good in it's own right.
Does this mean that me and my girlfriend will break up soon?


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Re: What Is Your Sexual Fantasy?

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